Multichannel Marketing

Effective use of different channels to reach the same person

Why adopt Multichannel Marketing?

Our multichannel service allows you to create one-to-one personalised messages to target different customers using the right channel, at the right time.

SMS Marketing

We’ve built our own SMS Gateway that connects directly to mobile operators’ SMSC. This allows you to enjoy carrier grade service quality that is not possible through 3rd party aggregators. Additionally, each personalised SMS can include a unique URL link to increase mobile response rate and accurate tracking of campaign performance.

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Email Marketing

People don’t hate email, they only hate receiving emails they don’t want. Give your emails the best chance of landing in the inbox. Our email experts will build and manage a deliverability strategy tailored to your sending needs. Through XGATE email marketing service, you will have:

  • A marketing expert to oversees your account
  • Technical Email API support from our engineers
  • IP & domain reputation management
  • Proactive monitoring of your email performance
  • Expert guidance on your delivery challenges and consultations

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WeChat Marketing

Whether it is IT, marketing, copywriting or design services, our seasoned digital marketing team in China will work closely to help you design a marketing solution to capture leads and convert leads to sales across WeChat, Tmall, Weibo and many other social media platforms in China.

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Web Services

From landing page design to click tracking and list building, our web services aim to help you create your own leads and members database using global best practices. Let our marketing veterans help you craft a digital solution that is effective for creating new business opportunities.

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Push Notifications

Deliver targeted push notifications based on real-time user behaviors or time based trigger to engage, convert and retain your customers all from our one-stop Campaign Designer.

Location Based Services

Location Based Services (LBS) allows you to send SMS or MMS within a targeted location. It’s ideal for reaching out to inbound tourists or local customers by directing traffic to nearby retail stores. Add a redemption link or coupon to the message and you can even track the response rate of your campaign.

The Four Building Blocks to Marketing Automation

While CRM and marketing automation have a lot to offer on their own, integrating the two systems provide companies with a powerful suite of tools that are essential for sales...

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