Social media marketing

Engaging The Right Audience To Boost Your Marketing ROI

Why XGATE Social Media Management?

Beyond engagement metrics, we incorporate leads to sales strategy on social media to grow your business. Our social media experts will produce engaging content, plan your ad placement and manage the entire social media solutions to create maximum value. Great marketing on social media can bring remarkable success and build brand advocates for your business.

Social brand marketing strategy to drive sales

  • Content Development

    Our content production team will strategise and create image & video posts to suit the social media platforms. Since image speaks louder than text, we make sure the photos and design we choose are reflective of your brand style. Afterall, getting your fans engaged is our business.

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    Influencer Marketing

    We develop your KOL strategy based on informed decisions about which influencers and platforms best capture the target audience’s attention to develop long-lasting engagement and business impact for your brand.

    List Builder

    To grow your database, we create personalized web form to capture your target audience profile data. Then nurture them with creative content to enrich their profile. That way, you get a more accurate view of who they are and can design products and services to meet their needs.

    Measurable Results

    From ads placement to posts and sign up forms, our team design social campaigns to measure ads effectiveness and sales converstion rate across different platforms. We take away the guesswork in digital marketing to ensure every marketing dollar can be accounted for. That’s how we build a succesful social media strategy for you.

  • WeChat Marketing

    Our WeChat marketing experts will help you design a plan to gain followers for your account, get them actively engaged with your content and convert them to become buying customers.

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    WeChat Account Setup

    We’ll setup your WeChat account and get it verified. Then we build up your brand page with content and engage fans to pair their mobile with their WeChat account before embarking on a series of targeted campaigns

    WeChat Content Production

    Whether its posts, banners, HTML5 pages or a mini app, our content development team will craft a strategy with creative masterpieces to engage fans with localised tastes and preferences.

    WeChat Moments Ads & KOL

    Our social media specialist will strategise a plan including moments ads, banners and KOL marketing to drive maximum exposure for your brand with measurable results.

    WeChat Automation

    Using a customer lifecycle approach, we design different automation programs to send targeted one-to-one personalised WeChat messages to different smart segments. This unique solution in DMS has proven to offer better customer experience and improved loyalty.

    WeChat Loyalty Management

    WeChat members who paired their mobile device can receive a digital loyalty card (with unique bar code) managed entirely from XGATE Loyalty System. This allows tracking of transactions, membership tiers and loyalty points at both online/offline stores – our omni-channel strategy to enhance shopping experience.

    Sample WeChat loyalty marketing case study >

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