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Automation Is Good, So Long As You Have A Customer Centric Approach.

Why Marketing Automation?

Marketers are increasingly using marketing automation to support leads to sales and CRM marketing activities and for many good reasons. Improved marketing efficiency, more valuable insights and better quantifiable results. XGATE multichannel marketing automation combines simplicity and speed to help you create, automate and launch campaigns quickly. This means you generate more revenue with less effort.


Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • Better leads management and nurturing
  • Targeted at the right customers
  • Personalized messages for the individuals
  • Timely message with the right channel
  • Increased efficiency throughout lifecycle journey
  • Improved customer relationship management
Automation Flow Process

Our marketing automation features are designed to meet your needs

Build Target
Segment Lists


Use rules, time and event to trigger lead/ member campaigns


Measure campaign performance and behaviour


Group based on scores/ readiness to buy/ repurchase


Fast track potentials with accelerated program


Nurture leads/ members not sales ready


Track performace with lifecycle reporting


Measure results and fine tune process to improve ROI


Discover How Our DMS Creates Value For Your Business

  • Easy To Use

    XGATE makes it easy for you to create your automated campaigns with simple drag & drop boxes in our campaign designer.

  • Instantly Integrated

    Whether you’re creating a web form to capture leads or a survey to gather customer feedback, our form tool is easy to use and can be integrated into your email/sms instantly.

  • Personalized

    Personalized your marketing messages and target your leads or customers using the relevant channels to increase response rate.

  • Real-Time Dashboard

    Easily set up your campaign performance report based on your customer’s digital activities and goals. Then see the results real-time on a dashboard.

  • Lifecycle

    XGATE adopts a customer lifecycle approach to help you attract new leads, convert them to customers and nurture them with CRM automation campaigns to increase the life-time value of every customers.

XGATE has put our CRM and transactional data together to help us understand our customers better and improve our digital marketing performances with DMS marketing automation.

Michelle Ho
Marketing Head - Cerebos (Hong Kong) Limited

5As Customer Lifecycle Approach

Automation is good, so long as you have a customer centric approach.

Four Key Elements Critical To Your Marketing Automation Strategy

Multichannel Marketing

Central to the success of delivering marketing automation campaign is the ability to deliver the right message, using the right channel, to the right target audience. XGATE DMS is a multichannel marketing platform. This means at different stages of the customer lifecycle, your messages are delivered across various customer touch points using a combination of email, mobile (SMS, iSMS, MMS) web and social media.

Campaign Designer

DMS platform is built with easy to use, drag and drop feature when you design your marketing campaigns or CRM programs. Campaign designer allows you to swiftly create, target, launch track and manage multichannel campaigns with ease. When you combine simplicity and speed to your marketing, it means you generate more revenue with less effort.

Data Integration

The primary purpose of data integration in our marketing automation is to combine online/offline transactional data, profile data, campaign data etc. to ceate a unified view of the data or Single Customer View. Whether data connectors are via sFTP or APIs, our technical experts will work with your IT team to design the most appropriate solution fully aligned to your systems architecture.


XGATE has developed dynamic filters capable of extracting smart segments based on different parameters - purchase history, messaging click behaviour, customer profile or multiple combination of those parameters. Ultimately, the filters allow markters to be creative and yet scientific (based on data) when it comes to execution.

The Four Building Blocks to Marketing Automation

While CRM and marketing automation have a lot to offer on their own, integrating the two systems provide companies with a powerful suite of tools that are essential for sales...

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