CRM and Loyalty

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Why XGATE Loyalty System?

XGATE Loyalty System offers a complete membership management solution and more. It comprises a front-end member portal to manage profile, view transactional history and rewards redemption. At the backend of the loyalty platform is a flexible system to manage profiles, loyalty program settings and data analysis reporting.

Tiers & Points

No single loyalty program is created equal. Our loyalty system not only allows you to set different tiers, but also different earn/burn points ratio according to the tiers. What's more, members can also earn points for non-transactional activities like check-in to app daily, scan a QR code or social engagements.

Omni-channel CRM

Whether you're managing Tmall, own branded online store or offline retail stores, we have the technical capability to combine online and offline transactional data into our loyalty system to award points. The points can then be redeemed at any of your online or offline channels. This omnichannel approach provides a seamless shopping experience that helps you build a stronger customer relationship.

Digital Wallet

Go virtual with your loyalty card. You can now issue virtual card for eWallet or WeChat to your members. With the eCard, members are kept updated real-time of their points balance and transactional history.

Workflow Automation

XGATE campaign designer approach is based on a shopper's buying behaviour aimed at converting a visitor into customer by understanding his/her needs. This makes our workflow tools not only effective but also easy to use when marketers create leads to sales campaigns. Above all, our proprietary campaign designer can integrate seamlessly with social media, web and mobile to stimulate immediate conversions.

Campaign Management

Delivering the best sales results while optimizing your investments are central to our digital marketing approach. So whether you're developing offers to increase sales or reduce customer churn, our campaign management solution will help you take away the guess work in marketing to ensure your campaigns become increasingly effective at bringing you tangible results.

Discover the Future Trends of Retail Business in the New Era of CRM & Loyalty Marketing

In a study entitled “In-depth: Luxury Goods 2021” (Statista 2021), the global luxury goods market is projected to increase from US$309.6 billion in 2021 to US$382.6 billion in 2025. The...

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