Mobilize Your Business With Premier Class SMS MT To Enjoy Unrivalled And Proven SMS Delivery.

Why XGATE SMS Gateway?

XGATE offers a single point of access to GSM & CDMA mobile networks through our enterprise class SMS Gateway & SMS Centre (SMSC) infrastructure, a regional messaging platform with direct routing & interconnect agreements into operator networks in the Greater China region & Asia. With our top class SMS gateway, you enjoy secured enterprise unified communication solution for A2P and P2P SMS services over the global telecommunications network

Network Performance Guarantee

With the addition of interconnect agreements, our SMS network currently supports 500+ operator networks in over 170 countries. With XGATE's high availability and redundant network infrastructure, XGATE's bulk SMS gateway & SMSC services are backed with a guaranteed 99.7% platform availability service level agreement ensuring reliability for business critical processes and corporate communications.

Premier Class SMS MT
Throughput5 msg/sec, per account
Latency GuaranteeLess than 20 sec
SMS Validity PeriodCustomizable: 5 mins – 72 Hours
2-way SMS interactivityMobile Virtual Numbers or Short codes
Customizable SMS SenderID11 alphanumeric Characters
SMS Delivery ReceiptsYES
Full Mobile Number Portiability SupportYES
Long MessagesYES, up to 5 Part Concatenated
Unicode Body SupportYes, send in any language – UTF8, ASCII, BIG5, GB2312 Encoding
SecurityHTTPS, SSL encryption
Communication Uses:
  • Service Alerts, Incident Reporting
  • PIN Authenication
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Notifications and balance Inquires
  • Coupons and Offers

  • Broadcast your SMS from any Computer

    Use XGATE’s Web2SMS Web Portal for Real-time and scheduled SMS

    Web2SMS allows you to reach your target audience with SMS any where, any time. Using an online tool, it provides a simple way for sending real time and scheduled Bulk SMS right from your PC. Powered by XGATE's Enterprise Class SMS Gateway, Web2SMS users can instantly send and receive SMS reliably throughout Asia and the World all from a secure website.

    Web2SMS Features

    • Single
    • Batch
    • Scheduled SMS broadcasting
    • Supports Customizable
    • Personalized SMS
    • 2-way SMS
    • inbox and auto-reply
    • Multilingual support (UTF-8)
    • Batch Upload .csv or .txt file
    • View History sending log online
  • Send messages conveniently and securely

    Looking to send text messages conveniently and securely from your office, we got you covered

    XGATE's Email2SMS allows you to send text messages to your customers simply using your own secured office email client or business systems. Above all, its reliable and there is no software installation needed. Complement that with XGATE’s Enterprise Class SMS gateway, our Email2SMS solution will help you deliver your SMS to your customers across 500+ operators in over 170 countries globally.

  • 2-Way SMS Communications

    Use XGATE's Virtual Mobile Number Service to setup a reply path for your 2-Way SMS with International Reach

    Whether you're setting up a two step SMS authentication or reply path for your marketing campaigns, we've got the right solution for you. XGATE's 2-Way SMS provides dedicated virtual mobile numbers designed to support any marketing needs for receiving inbound text messages. What's more, your SMS replies can also be automatically forwarded to an online SMS inbox, mapped to pre-defined email or integrated into your IT systems or applications via our SMS APIs.

    Reserve and Pick up

    Get started with your reservation

    Step 1: Text to 9XXXXXX

    Step 2: We’ll text you back a unique reservation code

    Step 3: You phone number with country code and reservation code below.

  • API - Enable SMS functionality for your Applications

    Developer APIs for HTTP, XML, SMPP, SOAP Interfaces

    Looking for a flexible SMS solution to complement your CRM system has never been easier. Our SMS solution enables you to connect your existing corporate applications efficiently to the global text messaging network. Whether you're using Salesforce, Siebel or Microsoft, XGATE SMS APIs give you the ability to send and receive SMS directly from your applications. Each API exposes a series of Internet delivered services conforming to XML Web Service, HTTP/S, SMPP or SOAP specifications. Hence, coding directly against these APIs has become a lot simpler.


    For users wanting to connect to Xgate's SMS gateway using XML, we support XML over HTTP and is multicast messaging enabled.


    Used in the form of an HTTP POST or GET, HTTP is one of the simpler forms of connection to the Xgate SMS API.


    Xgate supports SMPP connections using either SMPP 3.3 or SMPP 3.4. Ideal for sending large Bulk SMS messaging volumes each month. Volume commitment required for this connection type.

    Web Service Interface

    Users can create and send messages from a secure website, and view detailed dilivery reports online.

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