Data Management Platform

All your important customer information in the right place

Why XGATE Data Management Platform?

Our first-class DMP will centralize different data sources with structured data control to ensure they are always encrypted with a high standard of security.

Connecting Siloed Data

DMP merges the touchpoints and traits of members to map out their level of interactions with the brand. The linking of different siloed data ultimately allows you to identify data insights to enhance marketing performance.

Actionable Data

Key value of DMP is building audience model to create new business opportunities. You can create unique audience profiles based on RFM clustering to target segments with highly personalised experiences.

Managing Data

With a private cloud solution, we put data management with the aim to create value for your marketing strategy. That way, we can turn your investment in data analytics into additional revenue streams.

Data Cleansing & Modelling

We'll clean your database to keep all relevant contact information in one accessible, updated location. Then we use segmentation & data analytical tools to extract insights for better-designed CRM and digital marketing plans in a simple and easy way.

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