Five practical ways to improve your email marketing performance


Research has shown that the biggest challenge for marketers is the deliverability rate for email marketing campaigns. While it is important to maintain your reputation as a sender in order to get your email delivered, there are other good practices in email marketing that you can adopt to increase email response rate and improve your digital marketing performances. 

1. Improve Email Deliverability

  • Perform email client testing to avoid spam filters
  • Always ask for permission to be included in mailing lists
  • Build a permission based list using web forms
  • Remove hard bounces and request inactive customers to unsubscribe from mailing list
  • At XGATE, our technical team monitors IP reputation, routes good traffic around blocked IPs, and manages bounce logs from spam filters and email servers.

2. Use Responsive Email Design

  • Improve email marketing performance as responsive design can adapt to different devices, download faster and offers better user experience
  • 61 percent of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience (Smart Insights, 2014)
  • Use our email designer tool to create your email layout with built-in photo & text editor or simply contact our design team to do it for instantly

3. Design Email Campaign With Automation

  • Email can be triggered based on rules, alarms or events. For instance, you can design a promotional email campaign to automatically resend a reminder email 10 days before the actual offer expires. Trigger an SMS confirmation or mobile coupon when a customer subscribed to an email offer
  • One of the most important reasons for email marketing campaign to have automation is the responsiveness to customer needs. They are timely and highly targeted
  • Through campaign design and automation, auto-triggered email can reach as high as 47% open rate (XGATE Insights, July 2018)

4. Track Email Performance

  • Know who and how many people open your email on desktop or mobile
  • Track which offer did they click or download onto their devices
  • Monitor using unique code to see whether they make a redemption
  • Track the conversion rate at different stages of your Leads to Sales cycle

5. Target Customers Using Data Insights

  • Use of customer data such as language, age, gender, birth date, and location to personalize marketing messages
  • Use of transactional data to create new offers for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Message personalization can increase open rate by almost 14% (XGATE Insights, July 2018)
  • At XGATE, we provide CRM data and transactional analysis using our statistical software to produce reports with insights for your marketing decisions and improve business results
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