MyMyPanda China Launches Cross-Border E-Commerce (CBEC)

China — November 1, 2022 – MyMyPanda China, has developed a proprietary cross-border e-commerce platform to serve overseas ecommerce brands looking to access the China market. The MyMyPanda CBEC platform is a one-stop solution designed to enhance online shopping experience for China consumers across multiple touchpoints – local payment options (i.e., Alipay, WeChat Pay and Union Pay), fast China customs clearance & tax; and speedy delivery (within three days from bonded warehouse).

China booming economy in the last five years has led to the growing demand for high-quality foreign products among affluent consumers. At the same time, China government’s introduction of new customs regulations and preferential rules for imported goods further fuel the rapid growth for cross-border ecommerce in the country.

CEO of MyMyPanda, Coy Qiu explains, “Chinese customers believe that foreign products are better in quality, less likely to be counterfeit; and cheaper than buying domestically. That’s why even though local brands are increasingly popular, China consumers still prefer to buy foreign brands especially fashion apparel, beauty, and luxury products.”

Indeed, fashion and beauty categories contributed the largest share of cross-border e-commerce imports. While many international brands have been looking towards China as a huge potential growth strategy for retail business, the customs clearance and duties have been complex and challenging. Compared to traditional trade that requires a lot of initial investment and physical retail presence, the cross-border e-commerce promoted by China government has a lower regulatory barrier, which provides overseas brands a transparent, fast and low-cost way to sell their products in China. Indeed, MyMyPanda CBCE platform is designed to serve this same purpose with better customer experience for China consumers. At the heart of the CBEC platform is a simple ecommerce “checkout” plugin that can be installed easily in almost any overseas online store website. This one simple step gives overseas ecommerce brands access to localised payment options, warehousing, faster customs & tax compliance; and streamlined delivery methods to facilitate direct-to-consumer cross-border transactions.

MyMyPanda CBEC platform received the official license from the China government after a long stringent approval process and qualification by various local authorities.

About MyMyPanda

MyMyPanda was founded in Jan 2021, headquartered at Chengdu, China. The company is setup with the sole purpose to provide cross-border e-commerce solutions for international brands looking to access the China market. Right after MyMyPanda International Limited (Hong Kong) established and CBEC platform license (code: 5101360AGU) granted by China Customs end of April 2021, MyMyPanda launched CBEC DTC (Direct To Consumer) store on WeChat Mini Program with KOC content marketing module, genealogy tree commission engine and local promotion supported at May 2021. MyMyPanda noted there are many technical and knowledge challenge for global brands to run CBEC business in China, thus the team started to develop the CBEC platform to help global brands. MyMyPanda platform integrates multiple China Custom ePorts, CBEC logistic partners for both direct shipping from global warehouse (CBEC code: 9610) and shipping from bonded warehouse (CBEC code: 1210); and support most commonly used CBEC payment gateway – WeChat Pay and Alipay. MyMyPanda got the EDI and ICP license (code: 川B2-20220888) from China government in July 2022. Thereafter, we provide professional CBEC services to international brands selling to China with platform launched at the end of Oct 2022.