XGATE Awarded “MOST VALUABLE SERVICES AWARDS 2017” from Mediazone Group


Hong Kong – 18 May 2017, XGATE awarded “Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Services Awards” presented by Mediazone once again.

The award recognizes the innovative solution and quality of service XGATE has contributed in Hong Kong. It is an honor to receive the HKMVC awards and be among other top local and international brands in the industry.

“This award is a huge motivation for XGATE to continue our efforts in developing more innovative solutions to serve brands in CRM marketing. There are many challenges marketing managers faced today; and we seek to resolve their pain points one at a time.”, said by Mr. Xen Chia, the Strategic Marketing Director of XGATE.

In this digital age, people look for solutions and manage their personal tasks digitally across different channels and platforms while on the move. Therefore, brands are increasingly transforming their business model to reach their target customers through CRM Marketing. From improving customer experience to more immersive engagement, we must all be prepared to embrace our changing business.

XGATE provides comprehensive digital services and consulting advice to brands. We believe through multi-channel marketing, exploring marketing automation and developing new solutions in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for predictive CRM marketing will bring even greater effectiveness to the way marketers function and better customer experience for consumers. When customers are happy, business will also become profitable.

Image Sources:https://www.facebook.com/MediazoneHK/

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