XGATE Honored With “INNOVATION EXCELLENCE AWARD” – Enterprising HK Awards 2015


XGATE is awarded top 5 winners for “INNOVATION EXCELLENCE AWARD” at the Enterprising HK Awards 2015 hosted by the South China Morning Post.

The award recognizes local companies’ contribution to applying new technologies, or catering to customer needs through applications of innovative process, market research, brand development and visionary leadership.

The Enterprising HK Award provides a premium platform from which to recognize excellence in management and governance of growing enterprises. According to Andy Cho, co-founder of XGATE, “One of the most positive things about being nominated for innovation excellence is that it brings together two sides of the same coin. On one hand, we develop solutions to help overcome marketing challenges in today’s digital world. On the other hand, we are enhancing the customer experience when they interact with brands through personalized communications.”

Winning the INNOVATION EXCELLENCE AWARD is a great acknowledgement for XGATE’s business performance and contribution to the CRM marketing industry. XGATE has been serving clients in digital marketing for more than 10 years, continuously evolving the practice to help improve ROI for businesses.