AOTY 2022: A Journey To Remember

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE held its 12th Agency of the Year Awards, celebrating the success of agencies on Jun 17. Apart from CRM & Loyalty Agency of the Year, XGATE was also nominated for Ecommerce Agency of the Year and Influencer Agency of the Year. The later being a new category that was introduced for the first time this year. We are proud to announce our achievements:

  1. CRM & Loyalty Agency of the Year – Silver
  2. Ecommerce Agency of the Year – Bronze
  3. Influencer Agency of the Year (New) – Silver + Local Hero (red)


A Journey To Be Remembered
For those who do not know, the category for CRM & Loyalty has been heavily contested over the years. We have seen competitors like Emarsys, Fimmick, iClick and this year Prizm contesting for this category over the years. These players come and go, but XGATE has consistently in this category for the last six years since 2017. And here’s our journey to be remembered:

  1. 2017 CRM & Loyalty Agency of the Year – Gold + Local Hero
  2. 2018 CRM & Loyalty Agency of the Year – Gold + Local hero
  3. 2019 CRM & Loyalty Agency of the Year – Bronze
  4. 2020 CRM & Loyalty Agency of the Year – Bronze
  5. 2021 CRM & Loyalty Agency of the Year – Gold + Local Hero
  6. 2022 CRM & Loyalty Agency of the Year – Silver



A Tribute To All XGATE Employees
All these would not have been possible if not for the hard work from each and everyone in XGATE. Your dedication, passion and commitment are more than words can express. Your relentless effort to strive for excellence is paying off not only through awards recognition, but also through the brand recognition by clients when they speak of CRM & loyalty among marketing industry professionals. So, whether you’re in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong or Singapore, on behalf of the management, a big ‘Thank You’ to team XGATE.

XGATE comes back with a Gold at Agency of the Year 2021 in Singapore

Clinching the Gold at the Agency of the Year Awards, XGATE has come out on top for CRM & Loyalty Agency of the Year.

Clinching the Gold at the Agency of the Year Awards, XGATE has come out on top for CRM & Loyalty Agency of the Year.

The Agency of the Year Awards hosted its prestigious awards ceremony, for the fourteenth year running in Singapore. Judged by a panel of marketing professionals from renowned brands and industry experts, the awards recognised XGATE’s prowess for innovation and strategy-building in CRM and digital marketing.

“We are so excited to be awarded Gold for CRM and Loyalty Agency of the Year. XGATE has been committed to support each and every client and are proud to witness our platform capabilities continue to grow from strength to strength. It goes without saying that it is an honour winning this award, and it was only possible with the dedication of our team and the trust we have with our clients.” said Dr. Tang Pak Kay, Business Director of XGATE Singapore.

Our awards this year include:

CRM and Loyalty Marketing Agency of the Year – Gold
Mobile Marketing Agency of the Year – Silver
Analytics Agency of the Year – Bronze

XGATE wins Gold at the Agency of the Year Awards 2021 Hong Kong

XGATE has been honoured with the Gold and Local Hero titles for CRM & Loyalty Agency Award towards excellence in CRM digital marketing practice at the recently held Agency of the Year Awards 2021.

Established by Marketing Magazine, the Agency of the Year (AOTY) Awards is the industry’s most widely recognised premier awards program in Hong Kong. The award wins signify the industry’s recognition for the innovative solutions and quality of service XGATE has contributed to brand communications and digital marketing.

During the pandemic, XGATE has continued to provide comprehensive digital services and as we strengthen our online presence to brands. With our multi-channel marketing services, marketing automation, and data analytics, we’re always helping our clients grow their businesses.

“Winning the Gold and Local Hero is an endorsement of our achievement in business performance and we are extremely grateful for our amazing team of passionate specialists who strive to create exceptional digital experiences with the most exciting innovative technologies,” said Xen Chia, Strategic Marketing Director of XGATE.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and partners for the trust placed in us during this difficult year, in which we have all adapted and evolved together. In the coming year, we will continue to advance our digital technology and provide innovative digital marketing solutions to all our clients.

This article has been updated on 22 Jul 2021.

We love seeing our clients win awards

Due to the pandemic, this year’s MobEx & Asia E-Commerce Awards 2021 was conducted via online event broadcast. The awards celebrate the industry’s champions for the most innovative and forward-thinking marketers in mobile & e-Commerce. We are excited to see our clients snatch the awards for their digital campaigns in the following categories:

Mob-Ex Awards 2021:
Best Use of Content – AXA Liverpool Campaign

Asia e-Commerce Awards 2021:
Best eCommerce Design – Timberland (Bronze) and D&G (Silver)
Best eCommerce Strategy – Timberland (Bronze) and D&G (Gold)
Best eCommerce Omnichannel –D&G (Gold)
Best eCommerce Leads Generation – D&G (Bronze)

Watch the awards ceremony here:

Once again, congratulations to our clients. More importantly, we are grateful for the trust and confidence of our clients who have chosen XGATE to develop their headless commerce strategy as a key transformation piece for their retail business. The future of commerce is already here and companies investing into online channels with the right business model and technology strategy will emerge as market leaders.

XGATE榮獲 ISO27001 認證


2021年2月——XGATE的數字營銷服務(DMS)平台處理廣泛的數據包括客戶資料、交易、忠誠度積分/積分、BI數據等,我們將保護這些數據作為重中之重。 XGATE一直在積極努力執行業界最嚴格的安全要求。在這些努力之下公司榮獲了ISO/IEC 27001:2013認證——信息安全管理系統(ISMS)認證。


信息安全的全球標準是ISO/IEC 27001:2013,它包括創建綜合信息安全管理系統(ISMS)的一系列要求。

ISO27001 logo


XGATE 信息管理系統總監 Harry Chan 表示:“XGATE ISMS的認證認可了XGATE在保護客戶數據方面的專注於努力。我們已經建立了一套系統的、持續的信息安全風險管理體系,以處理公司和個人信息。”。

運營總監 Parry Tam 說:“ISO 認證對公司來說是一個重要的里程碑。我們不僅為團隊開發和推出高質量產品提供了一個安全的流程;而且還提供了一種經驗證的方法來確保服務可用性和業務連續性,以確保客戶將其數據委託給我們。”

XGATE的認證是在 QAS International 完成正式審核後頒發的。有關XGATE認證的問題,請聯繫MIS總監 Harry Chan,他負責管理實施和監督所有ISO控制。



儘管受到Covid-19疫情影響,當放寬聚會職能的規則宣佈時,組織者仍在6月23日舉辦了“忠誠與參與獎”頒獎活動。該活動採取不超過20人的閉門派對形式,參加者是代理機構和他們的客戶。每次會議只需要短短30分鐘,也有咖啡和點心可以享用,氛圍更加人性化。 XGATE的團隊可以在會議期間與客戶自由互動。祝賀FrieslandCampina,AXA和Adidas。 2020年忠誠與參與獎的獲獎活動包括:

Friso – Experience the Power of Natural Approach
Best Membership Programme – Gold
Best Loyalty Programme – Food & Beverage – Silver

AXA – Prosperous year of Pig Reward Programme
Best Partnership Loyalty Campaign – Silver

Adidas – YEEZY, adiCLUB YEEZY Boost Campaign
Best Loyalty Campaign – Bronze
Best Loyalty Programme – Fashion & Beauty – Bronze




XGATE連續兩年榮獲AOTY 2018年度金獎

XGATE連續兩年於Marketing Magazine‘s Agency of the year 2018獲得“年度最佳客戶關係及會員忠誠度代理機構金獎及當地傑出獎"和“年度直接營銷代理機構銀獎”。

該獎項由CSL Mobile、香港旅遊局(Hong Kong Tourism Board)、肯德基(KFC)和連卡佛(Lane Crawford)等營銷專業人士評出,展示了XGATE在CRM數字營銷戰略、創新和執行方面的卓越表現。


在當今快節奏的數字世界,各大品牌都在尋求更先進的個性化和自動化解決方案來提高客戶忠誠度。跟踪市場表現的數據洞察能力和及時調整數字策略的能力對於保持業務領先至關重要。 XGATE了解這些需求,並將它們構建成數字營銷服務(DMS)平台,用於幫助品牌實現理想的結果。我們的平台能力不斷壯大,我們的業務擴展到廣州、成都、上海和新加坡,並作為長期的戰略投資,來建立我們在這些地區的客戶關係管理和忠誠度營銷的領導地位。

XGATE 獲得“中國上海2018年 TOPDIGITAL 頒獎典禮“獎項

“XGATE在上海舉辦的2018年TopDigital Awards 活動上被授予創新100 – 創新案例獎。


“WeChat營銷自動化是品牌將客戶定位在一對一的個性化水平的重要一步,我們致力於在不同的社交媒體平台提供更具創新性的解決方案來改進CRM營銷,”XGATE中國總經理Coy QIU說。

XGATE榮幸宣布將在成都開設一個新辦事處,作為公司戰略的一部分,以增加其在中國市場的份額。新世紀環球中心位於中國中部城市成都,是全球最大的單體建築。這裡將聚集一批訓練有素的技術專家、銷售和市場營銷專業人士,以滿足西南地區日益增長的數字營銷服務需求。 “成都的人才資源非常豐富,很多優質大學都位於這個地區。我們新辦公室的開設將為畢業生和專業人士提供新的就業和職業機會。“Coy QIU,XGATE成都總經理邱昊如是說。

XGATE獲此殊榮的關鍵因素是引入XGATE數字營銷服務(DMS)平台和CRM營銷經驗,以幫助品牌轉變業務。通過實施WeChat營銷自動化策略,可以用清晰的標準來衡量ROI。 “我們的客戶非常歡迎XGATE在漸趨成熟的社交媒體和電子商務基礎上,帶來新的數字營銷經驗和工具,”Coy QIU如此描述。

XGATE 在“2017年度最佳代理服務商”上演“帽子戲法”



XGATE戰略總監Patrick Tam說道:“我們很榮幸能在香港的數字營銷行業得到認可,我們要對這些年來一直信任和支持我們的客戶表示感謝。如果沒有團隊的專業水平和奉獻精神,致力於向客戶提供最好的技術解決方案和服務,贏得這個獎項也是不可能的。”

XGATE有今天的成績,來自公司團隊一致認同的工作價值觀,XGATE強調專業、尊重、創新、奉獻和卓越,並以此為傲。在數字時代,品牌在數字營銷上的預算逐年增加,營銷人員不斷尋求更有創意的方法來提高他們的專業水平。基於現代營銷者的需求,XGATE已經開發了數字營銷服務(DMS)平台,以提供全渠道服務(SMS、電子郵件、Web和社交媒體)、營銷自動化和智能數據分析服務。 “我們相信將人工智能用於預測分析和商業智能,將是營銷技術產業發展的一個重要里程碑,我相信XGATE已做好幫助品牌經理實現這一目標的準備。”Patrick Tam說。