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Why Email Marketing? Because It Works
Send eDM the fast and easy way through our email marketing tool built in our DMS platform
Email Marketing is still one of the top dogs of digital marketing channel in Asia and with good reasons. Whether you're building relationship with existing customers, nurturing new leads to sales or directing traffic to retail and landing sites, eDM (email direct marketing) remains an effective way to reach your target customers if done right. In a recent email survey, 60% of marketers agree email marketing is producing ROI for their organization (MarketingSherpa, 2013). Best of all, email marketing is easy, fast and measurable. No wonder marketers can’t afford not to do it.


Automatically filter Do-Not-Call registered emails (UEM Unsolicited Electronic Mail Compliant) and automatically remove undeliverable emails from your email marketing


Track and report eDM performance in near real-time and guarantee higher open and click-thru rates for email marketing


Make every email personal to receipients by addressing customers’ names or Member ID


Enterprise Class Email Marketing Deliveribility Services

Are your eDM ending up in the spam box? As the volume of unsolicited mail continues to grow, ISPs have been forced to take extraordinary measures to protect their networks and customers. Unfortunately, the ISPs filtering and anti-spam sofware used to thwart spam, is making delivery of legitimate permission email to the inbox increasingly more and more difficult...

Three Types of Email Marketing Metrics You Need to Improve Your Digital Marketing Success
Email marketing is still widely accepted by marketers as the most cost-effective channel for communicating with customers. Apart from the ability to deliver rich content conveniently, the email performance is also measurable. But analyzing email marketing metrics can be complicated and tedious with too much data available given today’s technology and CRM platforms. Therefore, we need to understand what metrics are important to have and what are just “noise” that complicates your marketing decision-making. Email metrics can be broadly categorized into three areas – Communication Metrics, Behavioral Metrics and Acquisition Metrics. Marketers need to understand the difference to know how to analyze performance of email marketing campaigns effectively.

1. Communication Metrics
At the minimum level, these are metrics that most marketers will have to report on the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. Some of these metrics are: Unique Open Rate: The unique number of recipients who have opened an electronic Direct Mail (eDM) divided by the number of delivered email. The percentage figure shows the extent an eDM is appealing to customers in a given mailing list.

2. Behavioral Metrics
These metrics mainly look at the activity of email recipients to understand their interaction and engagement with the email content. Example of such metrics include: Browser Preference and Activity Time

Browser Preference: More and more people are using smart mobile devices to browse the internet, hence, marketers are starting to look at mobile email as an essential marketing tool. Unlike web browsing on desktop/laptop, it is necessary for marketers to know the browsing preference of customers on mobile devices because of its screen size and immediacy to get info on the move.

3. Acquisition Metrics
These metrics are extremely helpful to determine leads temperature and convert leads to sales when they are ready to make a purchase. Example of how you can use these metrics are:

Lead To Sales Conversion Rate: This is calculated by using the total number of customers who made a purchase (eg. Online shop data or offer coupon redeemed) divided by the number of email sent to your target list. Prior to setting this metric as your business goal, make sure that the data that you’re going to collect can support the measurement.
Understanding how different types of email metrics can help you make the right marketing decisions and improve your overall digital strategies is key. There are definitely more ways than one for evaluating success of email marketing. Hence, the approach we recommend is to set your goals clearly on how you want to determine the success of your email campaigns, design your offer and execute your email campaigns, test it with different offers to generate Communication Metrics, Behavioral Metrics and Acquisition Metrics for analysis. Lastly, fine-tune your eDM efforts continuously to optimize the results!

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